Even in paved Dallas

Published in California State Poetry Quarterly, 2005


          How did Byron elude me?

          Perhaps it was the fault of the stars.

          I gazed long through thru mist

          Yeah, my poetry was afar.



          But, still a delicious night of hippie-glow and enchantment! My upstairs apartment was glowing with incandescent chartreuse and a little debutante from Fort Worth, Texas. George and Ira played on, and there was a quietness. I had not danced to that stillness in some time. Such magic was possible even in paved Dallas.

          How did Byron elude me? Maybe it was the martinis. I took my pen.


          But, wait…



          A moment of luminescence

                   In the cocktail loft

          It enhanced our embrace

                   And her chin so soft.

          And what of Byron?

                   Wait, there, he eluded me not!

          For, “she walks in beauty,”

                   A line I forgot not!



Indeed, I had forgotten. But she helped me pull those words out of time’s mist.



Though Byron did not elude me, I know not where she is now.