Latino Themed Plays

Looking for a play to put on that focuses on Latino students or the Latino experience? You’ve come to the right place. These plays are primarily in English but have bits of Spanish dialogue woven throughout them. The themes of the plays generally focus on Latino students, and what many of these students and their families experience.

Any class can perform a Latino-themed play. It just requires some exposure and some knowledge of Spanish. And also . . .  most of my Latino-themed plays have bits of literature, history, and poetry woven throughout them, fulfilling many of the components of Common Core!

You can click on the links below to read an excerpt from each play. For the 2013-14 school year, I will be offering entire perusal scripts at no charge. But please: respect the honor and sanctity of copyright and royalties. A perusal script is not meant to be photocopied or used for an actual production. This is in violation of federal law, and could result in statutory damages! Contact me directly if you would like to see a perusal script for a particular play.

Any monologues may be downloaded and used for free!

  • !Dos, not Do! -

    A monologue for two Latino students. 4-6 minutes. Great for competition. Male or female. Middle or high school.

    A two-hander, perfect for a competition. This is a back-and-forth exchange that highlights the differences between Caribbean Spanish and Mexican Spanish. There is a tension that comes out of the pride and knowledge of each culture but also a bond that is gradually established between the two students.

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  • Othello’s Just Another Fellow -

    Dramedy. 25-35 minutes. 5th grade – 9th grade. 5 students. 3 males, 2 females, one teacher (or student portraying teacher!)

    A group of students are involved in a school production of Othello, but one of them is disturbed about the lack of diversity in the play. He takes certain steps to disrupt the play but in the end is encouraged by the others to try and make a difference in another, more constructive way. A lesson is learned, and the production is saved from disaster!

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  • Poetry, or Poesía? -

    Dramedy. 35-45 minutes. Middle or high school. 7 students. 4 females, 3 males.

    It’s National Poetry Month, and several students are involved in a poetry reading. Some  are reciting poems in Spanish, others in English. But which students should be doing which poems? This play pits Latinos that are fully fluent in Spanish against those that are not, and it exposes some of the insecurities and problems that arises from this tension. In the end, the students meet in the middle and work together but first have to learn to do so.

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  • Una Carta de Abuelo -

    Dramedy. 40-50 minutes. Middle or high school. 9 students, 1 teacher. 5 females, 4 males.

    Two cousins discover an old letter in their late grandfather’s comic collection that they think leads to treasure! The cousins often butt heads, with one believing that he is more “Mexican,” the other believing that some people make too much of a fuss about “being Mexican.”  Thus, they form their own groups in search of what Grandpa hid long ago. But what they find is actually worth more than merely silver and gold.

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